The banking royal commission has exposed a sick, rotten leadership culture in the big banks that have swindled working people and destroyed lives.

And it never would have happened Scott Morrison had his way.

Victims of banking misconduct urged Mr Morrison support a banking royal commission but he ignored them and instead voted 26 times to block it.

Now Mr Morrison is leading a push to give banks more access to workers’ retirement savings.

It is nothing but a populist whinge...
— Scott Morrison, Sky News, August 7, 2016

10 dodgy bank practices the
royal commission has exposed

  1. Charging fees for no service

  2. Illegally leaving customers in higher-fee accounts

  3. Charging the dead

  4. Abusing children’s saving programs

  5. Breaching laws that stop people laundering money

  6. Breaching laws that stop people financing terrorism

  7. Deceiving the regulator

  8. Market rigging

  9. Giving dodgy advice

  10. Forging documents